Penn Station Coupons: Save Money On The Best Sandwiches In Town

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It is not easy these days to get a meal that is both healthy and delicious. The typical fast food chain offers burgers that are covered in grease. While grease may make a burger taste good, you have to ask yourself if this is what you really want going into your body. Luckily, there is one chain of restaurant that offers freshly made sandwiches that are healthy and satisfying to your taste buds. Penn Station offers East coast style submarine sandwiches. This restaurant has thousands of satisfied customers who dine regularly. Their sandwiches include chicken, Italian, tuna and Philadelphia Cheese Stake just to name a few.

All Penn Station sandwiches are prepared right in front of you using only fresh ingredients. A typical combo meal includes a sandwich along with their natural cut fries and refreshing hand squeezed lemonade. Everything is made right after you ordered it, so you know you are not eating something that has been sitting in a heating bin or has been previously frozen.

The restaurant also offers catering. You can order party platters or sandwiches in bulk quantities. The catering option also offers cookie platters and their special lemonade by the gallon. All nutrition info and calorie amount can be checked by visiting their website. A quick glance and you will see that all their options are free of trans-fat and are highly nutritious.

Penn Station couponsIf you want the best meal for your buck, then look for Penn Station coupons. Coupons may offer a discount for certain purchases or purchases over a specific amount. These coupons may be found in ads or by visiting online coupon sites. For these online sites, simply set up an account and you can browse for coupons. Just print them out and present them to any Penn Station restaurant. Sometimes, the restaurant may also offer limited time offers. These are special deals where you can get selected sandwiches for below the usual price. These deals do not require coupons. Check the restaurant’s site for the latest offers.

If you are looking for a place to dine that does not offer the typical artery-clogging burger, then give the restaurant a try. You will fall in love with their delicious sandwiches and natural lemonade. Look for coupons on a regular basis; this will help you save while dining at a restaurant that offers the best sandwiches with the best combination of taste and health.

Stretch the Budget with Penn Station Coupons December 2012

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A few decades ago, Arlo Guthrie sang the words: “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant”. That was then and this is now. If he were singing that infamous tune today, the words might be slightly different. How about “You can get anything you want”… at a discount, with Penn Station Coupons December 2012. It is truly a fit, because you certainly CAN get anything you want with those little slips of paper. you can save on anything you want.

There are discounts for every kind of food imaginable, from subway sandwiches to shampoo, pets to prints, and clothing to computers. Each month, visitors learn to stretch their budget with coupons. Some places are dollars off, others are percentages off, but if a station user plays his or her cards right, there is a lot of money to be saved. Savings coupons equal money in the pocket.

Imagine how many piggy banks could be filled in one month if even just 1 coupon-holder used a coupon each day. For example, have an attitude adjustment hour to avoid commuter’s nightmare: stop at the Olive Garden and use their “$2 off a Panini” coupon, accompanied by a glass of HOUSE red wine. The next evening, receive a free taco at California Tortilla by saying the secret word “SHARK” to the cashier. The following night, stop off at the Mongolian Grill for $15% off a sit-down dinner. Relax. You are saving money.

There are so many coupons one could not possibly use them all, so some people trade coupons to get their favorites. Everyone should be so lucky, but not everyone lives close by. For those who do, it can be a game to compete with friends and co-worker to see who saved the most month this month with their Penn Station Coupons December 2012.

Why Eat Penn Station East Coast Subs

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penn station east coast subs

Finding a great place to eat out at can be a challenge. However, if you know about Penn Station East Coast Subs, it will be rather easy for you to find the proper place to eat at, no matter what kind of food you are hungry for. Once you know about the great tasting food that is present here, the wide menu selection, and the great costs for the amount of food received it will be easy to see why this is such a great choice of places to eat at.

The items which are served at this restaurant is some that many people will not be able to find the taste of anywhere else. Now this is not because the food is of poor quality, instead it is because of the top quality presented in the items. Since the goods are of top quality, the challenge you will face is figuring out what to do with the food you have left over once you have finished eating.

Menu selection is a great item to consider when looking for a restaurant to eat at. Normally you will be limited to a specific selection of hot foods to choose from. However, you will find at this restaurant they will offer you a variety of choices to eat from in the sandwich form, but some of these will be cold cuts that you can be chilled. Then you will not have to be concerned about only getting to eat warm food all the time.

Costs for eating out is something which stops people from doing this action. However, what you need to realize is eating here the costs are reasonable compared to the amount of food you get. The main problem you will have is trying to finish the meal you have ordered.

penn station east coast subs

Getting to sit down and eat some great grub can be difficult to do at times because of the number of restaurants available. This is when you need to realize the benefits of eating at Penn Station East Coast subs. Three of the benefits to be explored include the great tasting grub which is available, the menu selection which is unrivaled from other locations, and even the costs of the meal is reasonable for the quantity of food received. Once these are all explored, it can be easy to see these benefits outweigh any discovered from the other restaurants in the region.

Eating Healthy Subs For Lunch – A Convenient Way To Lose Weight

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eathing healthy subs for lunch

If you are looking for a convenient way to lose weight without giving up great taste, eating healthy subs for lunch is one alternative. In fact, it can be one of the best ways to overcome portion control problems and consumption of excess calories.

Most people feel as though they are getting a variation in their diet when they indulge in a sandwich as part of their daily lunch routine. This is usually due to the fact that sandwiches have a wide variety of different food groups contained into one compact meal. It is widely known that variation is the key to the long-term success of any diet, making a daily sub a great way to keep from getting burned out on healthy meal choices.

For example, most people can probably pick out three or four obvious ingredients to a sandwich. Bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables are usually the most common. To make a sub much healthier, opt for breads that are high in whole grains and fiber. While white breads can be tasty, they are often higher in calories and much less helpful to a weight loss regime. Next, choose meats that are lean in protein such as chicken or turkey. Also, select cheeses that are low in fat. Mozzarella is naturally lower in calories and fat than other kinds, but specialty low-fat cheeses on the market including Cheddar, Swiss, and Monterey Jack also taste great.

Finally, pile on those veggies! Tomatoes, lettuce, onion, spinach, carrots, peppers, olives, or whatever you like! Not only do vegetables add a great texture and multitudes of variety to a sandwich, they often contain essential nutrients for the body.

Now, many people will be tempted to pile on the mayonnaise and other sauces on their sub. However, remember that many condiments are high in calories without any nutrients. It is important to remember that, over the course of a day, each calorie adds up. Keep usage to a minimum or not at all, if possible.

eathing healthy subs for lunch

Another great reason to have a healthy sandwich for lunch is the fact that they are quite filling! Not only will a sandwich take away the hunger pangs, you will be completely satisfied without reaching for candy bars or potato chips. As many dieters begin to find, afternoon snacking can be a serious way to derail an entire day of healthy eating.

In short, go ahead and try adding eating healthy subs for lunch into your routine today and enjoy the weight loss benefits!

A Guide To The Super Savory Penn Station Menu

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Penn Station is one of the most popular choices for eating out mainly because of the wide spread of subs it offers. Both classic and innovative, this food chain clubs an array of tastes to bring forth mouth-watering subs to indulge you. Whether you love meat or you are a vegetarian, penn station menu has something to offer every food lover.

Any food connoisseur will undoubtedly agree that ham, beef and bacon form the best stuffing for any sub. You can choose your favorite steak, beef or pork, spiced up with onions, peppers, mayonnaise, brown mustard and pizza sauce in the form of Philadelphia Cheese Steak. It will delight your senses with its irresistible aroma and flavor. There is also the super savory Classic Club that combines smoked ham, turkey or bacon with lettuce, honey mustard, mayonnaise and ripe tomatoes. The Reuben indulges your taste buds as it combines roasted corned beef with a dressing of your choice.

If you love chicken, the penn station menu will spoil you with choices. Chicken Terriyaki is a popular choice where tender pieces of chicken breast are cooked in Terriyaki sauce and seasoned with either fresh mushrooms or sautéed onions according to your preference. Chicken Parmesan uses a rather exotic stuffing of diced chicken breast cooked with provolone, parmesan, oregano and pizza sauce with a topping of either sautéed onions or fresh mushrooms. The Chicken Cordon Blue offers the extravagance of chicken and ham combined with a dressing of lettuce, mayo, tomatoes and honey mustard.

If you are fond of Italian cuisine, they bring you the best tastes from Italy in the form of sub stuffing. You can go for pizza or sausage that combines pepperoni, ham, salami, provolone, parmesan, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, red wine, oregano and mayo to get a host of different flavors.

If you decide on a lighter delicacy, there are still plenty of choices. You can go for a Grilled Artichoke, Grilled vegetable or a Chicken or Tuna Salad with the sauce or pickle of your choice. You can even customize your favorite ingredients into a delicious sub. Choose the meat of your preference and club it with vegetables, herbs and sauce of your choice to treat yourself a divine experience.

You can complement your sub with side orders. There are extras like freshly fried potatoes, cheese breads, chips and cookies. If you are in a mood for some extravagance you may order an extra topping of your favorite meat or cheese. The food chain also brings for you beverages like freshly squeezed lemonades, freshly brewed iced tea, soft drinks or still water. There is also a Kids special menu that offers a small size sandwich with fries, kids cup beverages and a lollipop.

Apart from these, every month a particular sub is promoted as the pick of the month. If you have a party in mind Penn Station comes at your service with Party Sub Trays and Box Lunches along with a selection of chips, cookies and beverages. They take care to maintain optimum nutrition standards while at the same time gift you your best dining experience.

Penn Station East Coast Subs Commercials

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I have to admit I have a soft spot for commercials. Many people go make a sandwich or get up from the couch during commercials, I tend to stay put and watch the ads with a sort of fascination. I guess it comes from working with copy and trying to convince people to do things or buy stuff, but it is interesting to me to see how a television commercial like these for Penn Station subs is put together.

Taste Success With Penn Station Subs Franchise Opportunity

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Are you looking to venture in the successful franchisee business of a famous restaurant chain that brings in good profits? If yes then you can consider taking up the penn station subs franchise opportunity. It is one of the top ranked dealership opportunities in the US that offers assured returns on investments. Entrepreneur magazine has awarded excellent rankings in terms of the success it has achieved in the franchisee business. Individuals who have doubts about getting success by availing the franchisee opportunity can take a look at the brilliant credentials that the eatery has earned in the US.

Penn Station East Coast Subs has been ranked as the number 1 Restaurant Franchise Company among the top 200 American franchisees in the October 2000 Annual rankings. It is the top most choice of industry veterans because of a good number of reasons. The prime factor is the greater return on investments and the excellent growth opportunities it has on offer for those willing to open its branch. The unmatched operational support extended by its staff only contributes towards easing the operations and setting up a successful business for an entrepreneur.

The growth model of the popular restaurant makes sure that the entrepreneur gets optimum benefits when entering into the venture for opening a franchisee with the support provided by its staff. Brand recognition and higher purchasing power is ensured to those who get involved with the franchisee system of the restaurant. Entrepreneurs setting up their franchisees can leverage the power of the brand and establish their business successfully.

Since Penn station subs franchisee opportunity began in August 1987, there have not been many unsuccessful restaurant operations. Anyone thinking of opening a franchisee in collaboration with the staff can take advantage of the 160 years of the stable leadership and combine restaurant experience. The experienced staff also offers expert guidance and assistance to the dealers in securing maximum profits. Financial data for all restaurants are compiled together and provided to the license holders to help them evaluate and scrutinize their growth in comparison with other restaurants.

I found a very interesting video done by Small Bizeo where they talk to a current Penn Station franchisee, who’s very open about his experiences with opening several restaurants.

It is because of its focus on offering supreme dining experience that restaurant is honored with numerous awards and ranked as one of the top most franchisee opportunities. Getting involved with the penn station subs franchise opportunity will also provide support to entrepreneurs to render best quality and finest dining services on every visit while driving their profits.

Penn Station Locations – Finding East Coast Subs

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Penn Station East Coast Subs have the most locations in the states of Ohio (82 restaurants), Indiana (49) and Kentucky (43) respectively. If you’re hungry for a delicious lunch sub sandwich in other parts of the country you may be in luck since they’re expanding into surrounding states at a steady clip using franchisees.

What are some Penn Station locations?


Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Canton, Akron, Cleveland and Toledo


Indianapolis, Evansville, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Bloomington, Anderson, Fort Wayne, Muncie, South Bend, Schererville and Richmond


Lexington, Louisville, Richmond, Elizabethtown, Paducah, Shelbyville, Ashland and Frankfort


St. Louis

North Carolina

Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh

South Carolina

Rock Hill


Danville, Fairview Heights, Granite City and Champaign – Urbana


Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Nashville

West Virginia

Charleston and Huntington





As of September 2011 there are over 220 Penn Station locations with new restaurants opening all the time. Find a location near you here.

Find Penn Station Coupons September 2011

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Penn Station coupons September 2011 are now available to give you even more savings. Penn Station is a very popular east coast subway restaurant chain. The menu is already very easily affordable, and will be even more cost efficient when these coupons are applied. The whole family will be able to enjoy the outstanding items on this restaurants menu. There is something for every taste. Subway sandwiches are filling and nutritious and will leave even the hungriest diner satisfied. There is even a kids menu for the little ones with small appetites. Sides of fries are always welcomed and make a great addition to any meal.

Penn Station Coupons September 2011Many delicious subway sandwiches are included in the menu. Traditional favorites like Steak and Reuben subs are sure to please the meat lover in the family. Reuben subs are made with cheese and Sauerkraut in the traditional way. Steak subs are filled full of good things and are very satisfying to the taste buds. All the breads are specially baked for Penn Station, and only contain the finest ingredients. There are several sizes of subs to choose from. Even those with the largest appetites will find something to fully satisfy them. The menu includes items for vegetarians who would rather not indulge in the meaty fare on the menu.

There are choices of toppings for the subway sandwiches. If there are any toppings that you do not like or are allergic to they can be left off the sandwich. One of the delicious and very popular items on the menu is the freshly baked chocolate chunk cookie. What a tasty way to top off the meal. This restaurant is known for it’s freshly made lemonade. This is a great thirst quencher on even the hottest days. There is also home brewed iced tea available for thirsty diners.

Penn Station Coupons September 2011 are also an ideal gift for any special people in your life. The recipient is sure to be delighted to receive coupons for this popular and successful dining establishment. There is sure to be something on the menu for everyone. There are lower calorie subs for those who are watching their waistline. These include tuna and chicken sandwiches that are seasoned to perfection. The artichoke sub is certainly an interesting and low calorie choice. Grab the coupons while they are available and head on over to this restaurant for an exceptional and filling meal.

Using Coupons For Subs For Your Next Order

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A lot of families are just not sure of where they want to go for dinner each night.  Having to cook on the stove all of the time can really be a problem, especially if you are dealing with a storm and simply can not.  In order to get a tasty meal, you may want to think about getting a sub from your local sub shop and using some coupons for subs in order to save a lot of money.  There really are many benefits to getting sandwiches for lunch or dinner when compared to some other choices that are out there.

Coupons For SubsSo many people will go to the nearest fast food restaurant in order to get their favorite food.  Unfortunately, fast food is extremely unhealthy and can contribute to obesity if you eat it too often.  In fact, it has been thought that if a person eats at one of these restaurants at least once a week, they will be heavier in general than someone who cooks at home or goes to a sub shop for dinner or lunch.  This is why it is important to provide a tasty and wholesome meal for your loved ones and your friends as well.

The next time you are looking for something quick to pick up while you are out and about, skip the fast food joint and just go to the nearest sub shop.  By purchasing a sandwich, you are doing something good for your health and for your well-being.  It is time to stop indulging on unhealthy foods and to just buy something that you can really enjoy whenever you are hungry and looking for a quick bite while you happen to be out and shopping by yourself or with some of your friends or family members that you love being around.

And if you print out some coupons for subs, you can really save a lot of money the next time you go out for lunch or dinner.  It is easy to find a good coupon because you just need to log onto the proper website.  From there, you just need to print out the coupon using your computer and present it to the cashier at the sub place that you are currently going to.  Be sure to print out only reputable coupons so that the cashier will definitely take them from you and apply them to your next order.

Get Your Penn Station Subs Coupons

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Penn Station restaurants are a popular favorite for their delicious and nutritious subway sandwiches. Now you can save even more at this affordable restaurant by using Penn Station subs coupons. These coupons will allow you to get substantial savings on the already easy on the budget menu. There are many delicious items to choose on this restaurants menu. The subs come in a variety of sizes to leave even the hungriest individual satisfied and full. All ingredients are fresh and wholesome. The breads used in the subway sandwiches are even baked to high standards exclusively for this restaurant.

There are sandwiches to meet every taste requirement. The steak subs are succulent and topped with just the right vegetables and melted cheese mixture. The Reuben is a wonderful blend of slow roasted roast beef and Sauerkraut, mixed with Swiss cheese. The chicken sandwiches come in a selection of flavors and toppings. There are also sausage subs that are topped with Pizza flavorings. The taste of these subs is simply mouthwatering. For those looking for lighter options there are also vegetarian sandwiches on the menu. The grilled Artichoke is a true taste revelation for the adventurous eater in the family.

The chicken and tuna salad sandwiches are blended to perfection with the right mix of ingredients that leaves many people asking for more. There are also fries in three sizes available at the restaurant. The fries are flash-fried in cholesterol free peanut oil. This method makes for much healthier fries. One of the highlights of the menu is the fresh baked chocolate chunk cookie that is available everyday. Penn Station is also known for it’s fresh squeezed lemonade. This thirst quenching beverage is especially delicious on a hot summer day. There is a kids meal for little children with smaller appetites.

Penn Station subs coupons are clearly the choice for anyone looking for a delicious and filling meal for the whole family. The success of this chain of subs restaurants attests to the quality and delicious taste of the items on their menu. Another favorite on the menu is the freshly brewed iced tea that is made fresh daily. The cheese bread on the menu is another tasty innovation. It is baked with 2 different cheeses and can be topped with a Pizza sauce if you so choose. Get these coupons now and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.